The Divided Self: An Anthology 12" Vinyl (crowdfunded)

from This Cold Night

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The Divided Self is a curated anthology of my past 3 releases, with a little extra (Eighties Goth Suicide Note). All tracks will be lovingly re-mastered for this release, consider this the definitive version of every song. Two digital bonus tracks will be included (sent after successful funding).

In addition to the record and digital bonus, all individual purchasers will receive a letter in the mail with a handwritten question. You can respond to the letter and start a correspondence. I will line my walls with our correspondence and use your words/drawings/photos as artistic, musical, and lyrical inspiration for a future release titled: Are We Immortal Yet?? All supporters will be credited on the cover of the future album. Perhaps via a word puzzle woven through an image.

The envelope will contain other goodies like stickers, a THANK YOU! letter, and a download code for an album of very private demo / unreleased tracks.
As an independent & DIY artist, I've found it difficult to find the money or confidence to self-fund a vinyl release. Records can take thousands of dollars to manufacture—which I cannot afford—and incorrectly estimating demand can be costly.

Since I don't have any distributors, I would need to manage selling and shipping of records. These records would be shipped multiple times (to me and then the final purchaser), which is cost-inefficient and unfair to the environment.

A vinyl on-demand platform, like Qrates, negates a bulk of these concerns. Crowdfunding has its own inherent set of problems, but if everything goes wrong, it costs you and I nothing.

Thank you for your support!

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